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and unionized shops the right to refuse to pay union dues. governor reich snyder expected to sign tomorrow even though thousands of people continue to protest outside the michigan state capitol building in lancing. it covers shops, but exempts police and firefighter unions. stub hub strikes out with major league baseball clubs and three are droppling them, yankees, chicago cub, and l.a. angels of anaheim no longer sell tickets on the website although major league baseball extended the partnership with stubhub through 2017. we continue the count down to the closing bell with the original bond girl who said, "diamonds are forever." liz claman? liz: one retailer down in the dumps, but it's shown signs of life. let's get to nicole's on the floor of the new york stock exchange. our diamond girl there. >> hey, thanks. jc penney under pressure with the idea that pronotions, sales, and coupons are not the way, but just great prices all the time. what happened? people didn't go there. people like promotions. he's the stock, up 4%, and this is why because slowly, but surely, ron johnson have been moving
cliff, european union. one thing that will have an impact on financial services, as regulation. we have dodd-frank, and it's hard to argue we don't need regulation. citigroup has said it. we need, but let's make sure it is sensible. we can end up in a situation where credit is less available for small and medium-sized companies. if you add to dodd-frank, everything that is coming at us, so small button community banks get hurt. small businesses, medium-sized businesses. it is the purpose to punish banks, maybe they are achieving it. if the purpose is to improve the economy we have to be careful. liz: may be the purpose is to make sure that we don't see another fiscal financial crisis disaster the likes of what we saw in 2008. we don't need that again. >> but we don't need to create another set of problems with these unintended consequences. with the amount of capital that banks have to carry with the regulations -- liz: european regulations. >> very difficult to have loans out to companies that don't have a credit record, companies that are not triple or double a, including small and me
of the union address in january. and the empire state building is one step closer to going public. the management of the iconic skyscraper has been given the go ahead by the securities and exchange commission to allow that building to be included in a proposed real estate investment trust. empire state realty filed in february to raise as much as 1 billion dollars in an initial public offering. we continue our countdown to the closing bell with ashley webster. ashley: adam, thank you very much. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. sandra smith at the cme. nicole, to you first, this market, we were off 148 points. we have now clawed our way back all the way back. we're down just 17 points. what are you watching? nicole: it's pretty amazing when you start to see that washington and wall street are so closely tied together. what i'm watching is i'm keeping an eye on expedia, clear mover today. we know about the acquisition. and what's also interesting is you have the rating agency moody's saying that this acquisition will not hurt their credit rating. you see the stock t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3